The revolution is happening now. And we’re all on the front lines.

As an industry—and as a nation—the decisions we make today at the intersection of media, data, technology and privacy will shape our work and our lives for the next decade. That’s why we need this conversation, here and now.

4A’s Decisions 20/20 will bring the industry together over two days in Washington, D.C., to build unity and collaborative relationships as we explore the technological, social and data advances driving industry change today and tomorrow.

Decisions 20/20 will host the leaders of our community as they explore today’s shifts in critical keynote addresses, debate-oriented panels and breakout sessions. And it’s more than talk—attendees will come away with action plans.

Join us. Let’s focus on our future together.


Richard Bush is presenting [insert title] on March 25th at Decisions 20/20 (see the Agenda)

Richard Bush, Chief Product and Technology Officer, NYIAX discusses blockchain technology at the 2018 IAB Annual Leadership Meeting.



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