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Jim Spaeth has consulted on media and brand metrics for many media clients, associations and marketers and is also the founder of a consumer-journey measurement system, USA TouchPoints. Previously, Spaeth served as President of ARF, The Advertising Research Foundation, which expanded its scope under his leadership to incorporate all aspects of market research practice on a global basis. Before that, he spent more than a decade developing research tools at PEAC ViewFacts, ScanAmerica and ASI, and he has led the media research and planning function at General Foods and Young & Rubicam. He was inducted into the Market Research Council Hall of Fame in 2016 and was honored by the Advertising Research Foundation in 2017 with the Erwin Ephron Demystification Award. He is the co-author of Market Research Matters and is a frequent contributor to publications and conference speaker. He has served on the boards of a number of industry associations. Spaeth holds a Ph.D. in economics, an M.S. in econometrics, and a B.A. in mathematics.